Why was the Film Noir Femme Fatale Popular in the 1940s?

When Women Inspire

On a Femme Fatale Femme Fatale in Film Noir 1940s. Photo via Christy Birmingham.

I recently came across a post about the term femme fatale. I wanted to explore why the term femme fatale was popular in 1940s film noir and what exactly is a femme fatale.

What is a Femme Fatale?

For anyone not familiar with the term, a femme fatale is a French term used in film noir that refers to a female character who is seductive and alluring. According to The Free Dictionary, a femme fatale also “leads men into danger or disaster.”

The most obvious thing to deduce about this type of woman in film noir is that she does not fit with the traditional role put on women as being loving wives and doting mothers. Often the femme fatale in films is not content with being married as she finds it dull and lacking passion. This type of character…

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