Mystery/Thriller TV SHOW: NIGHT WIND TO BAHIA, by Thomas Thorpe

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ACTORTitle: Night Wind to Bahia

Written by: Thomas Thorpe

Type: TV Series

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Logline: Night wind to Bahia is a thriller about an ailing, penniless nobleman searching for his wife when he uncovers a blood transfusion plot to kill Brazil’s prince, Dom Pedro II. Having secured a vial of Cholera immunizing blood, he must choose either to save his own life, obtain reward for reviving the leader or rescue his wife from the conspirators.

Synopsis: A clipper ship heads into a violent storm. Cholera has wiped out everyone on board except two passengers: William a former nobleman determined to recover his manor, and his wife Elizabeth, resolved to save her aunt’s failed coffee farm. They fight for their lives before the vessel crashes on a Bahian shore.

On a deserted beach, the refugees become separated. William tracks his missing wife, but discovers murder at the Coelho sugar plantation…

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