Thriller/Crime TV SHOW: LONDON UNDERGROUND, by Charlotte Taylor

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ACTORTitle: London Underground

Written by: Charlotte Taylor

Type: TV Series

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Logline: A troubled assassin must kill her elusive employer in order to start a new life free of crime.

Synopsis: Set in modern day London under the very nose of the public, London Underground follows the journey of The Fixer, a troubled assassin who is under the control of an underground crime network known as ‘The Business’. After falling in love with her colleague, The Accountant, they plot to escape the life of crime and start a new life together. An infamous ‘company policy’ stands in their way, dictating that anyone who conspires to leave The Business are to be hunted and killed. The only way to ensure their safety is to eliminate their illusive leader known as The Boss. While investigating leads on The Boss’s identity, The Accountant is kidnapped, leaving The Fixer with the task…

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