How Great Writers Come up with Brilliant Ideas?

Michael D. Turashoff

How Great Writers Come up with Brilliant Ideas

As a writer, I’m sure you struggle from time to time with a great idea for a story. You aren’t alone, it happens to all of us. Some writers will assume that since they aren’t coming up with a good idea they have writer’s block.

This isn’t always the case because writer’s block usually has more to do with discounting the quality of your work rather than thinking up what to write about.

Thinking up an idea might seem like a random process. However, there are a few simple ways to increase your chances of creating great ideas for your writing. Every writer wants to come up with a great idea every time they start to write, but many writers don’t take into consideration what an idea really is.

An idea is a connection, even the simplest idea is a combination of ideas you already have. We are constantly…

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