How to Write a Great Beginning for Your Story

Michael D. Turashoff

Writing a great beginning for your story is crucial, especially for fiction writers. If the first chapter of your book doesn’t grab the attention of your readers, they will most likely not read any further.

Equally important, agents and editors often decide whether or not to take a chance on a book based on the first page or two. A weak opening can kill your hopes of getting your novel published. So here are some tips to help you ace the beginning to your story.

A great story starts with a great beginning

Here are some techniques you can use to make the beginning of your book more effective:

  • Establish an intriguing narrative voice.
  • Connect the reader to a sympathetic character in a predicament.
  • Present an event that promises to ignite a chain of events with significant consequences.
  • Create suspenseful or mysterious situation.
  • Introduce an intriguing idea, situation, or proposition…

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