Read Poetry: 12 CROSSED BRIDGES, by Olabisi Akinwale

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(Summarizing 2017)
The letters memorized by our feets
Before crossing bridges, over strange waters
J- January
It was the tale of a boy waiting for sunshine under a dark and grey
sky, he’s got holes in his heart, only light can fill, songs in his
blood- with ugly and beautiful notes
January was a book with empty covers, we read with million thoughts-
forging new names
F- February
We covered our skins with weary faces
Learning to live in a world, different from home
Everyone we met, became a blood in our veins
February was a loosed adventure- we thread her path with tight minds,
trying to catch the wind with the wings of our voices
M- March
We were left with sad letters from time
A brother marched onto glory with spirited feets
Our cries became lost ravens, perching on windows of injured memories

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