Read Poetry: Hanger Anger, by David John Shafer

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Five chief virtues.

Achieving curfews.

Curb views.

Cell wishing.

Herb stews.

Blurb news.

Haggling hulk hues.

Aura acoustic truth fit.

Obtuse kit.

Muse wit.

Use it.

Noose bit.

Loose pit.

Eat love slay.

Ayer mi way.

All so filet.

The ego tale underway.

Gwyneth Paltrow production.

Inducted hall of fame suction.

Undone untuck bad luck spun.

Public displays of disgust.

Discussing distrust anti fist thrust.

Third eye throttler.

Trouncing toddlers.

Tottering robbers.

All’s well that ends in hell.

Cursed Earth’s dead.

Earth bled.

Gaia mother skin shed.

Love led.

Lost lovers lack leniency.

Even Steven sequencing.

Rebreathed frequencies.

Sequin seas.

Heavenly decrees.

Ebeneze ergonomic incendiaries.

Celestial fairies.

The derrière dare.

Fair hair wear.

Honorability* goner tranquility.

Assimilation imitation.

Meditation edit deviation.

TV dinner nation.

Yellow head condemnation.

(*Honorability-­‐concerning honor)

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