Read Poem: FATHERLY ADVICE, by Aaron Marchant

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It’s all very well, you being kind and giving
but kindly give consideration to my plea
The world will not just hand a chap a living
so take it by the ‘scruff’ boy just like me

I recall upon my debut playing ‘rugger’
some fool accidentally kicked me on the shin
I swiftly turned and ‘upper cut’ the bugger
and that’s the last I ever saw of him

Then in the army, first day on parade
the Sarge barked ‘give me fifty’ ‘on the ground’
I didn’t like the tone of his tirade
and to this day, his body’s not been found

And then there was the time I met your mother
I knew at once that Cupid’s work was done
and overcame objections from her brother
‘You never met your uncle, did you son?’

Banking was my profession as you know
I moved quickly to the top from humble…

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