Read Poem: Part Conversation with Homlo, by Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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What are you doing here?
You don’t know whose cave this is,
I dwell here, I Homlo, a dragon guard
I dwelled here long before you came here
I saw them create you, a man they called it.
A man, what is that, one chuckled
Now you have buildings to the sky’s
Your mind reaches to the furthest corners of the universe, man they called it.

How did you find my dwelling?
Dwelling here since your first time, your first age as man,
Now I still observe from my dwelling.
How in all the powers of the universe did you reach here
Few men can talk with me
How did your mind reach my dwelling?
All bothered by something, what bothers you human?
You must tell me how you got here, your mind.
Twisting the body, the spirit, can you twirl your spirit?
Expand it, contract it, well for you…

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