Film Review: EPINEPHRINE, (USA, Experimental/Music Video)

Festival Reviews

This six minute American film about music, dance and politics. Intercut between left-wing political issues (marchs, voters rights, reproductive rights) are modernized dance sequences performed by female dancers and a young woman on her computer. As beautiful to look at as it is engaging to think about, the main goal of this piece seems to be drawing attention to the world of the female millennial. The issues affecting women in media and in politics seem to permeate every aspect of one’s life. The dance sequences themselves seem to act as a sort of metaphorical interpretation of that anxiety and introspection that is created by the constant stream of information being hurled at females through screens. Behave this way, behave that way, look like this, act like this, stand for this, fight for that… It is a story rewritten anew with every generation as we dance forward in a world careening…

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