Film Review: TRAINS – RADIO CUT, (UK, Music Video)

Festival Reviews

A three minute UK film, TRAINS is utterly gorgeous to behold. Spectacular natural vistas are animated through the energy of music. As pebbles vibrate off the ground, being acted on by beautiful music, we are hit over and over again with breathtaking moment after breath taking moment- mountains, streams, train tracks against trees…only to discover these vista exist within a piano being played.

What does TRAINS tell us? That music acts as both a journey and a key. It unlocks us  to a world with a deeper appreciation of nature, and it takes us on a journey through it. In this bright and highly polished visual metaphor of a piece, music acts as the DNA of the cinematic story, binding together the visual images and giving them context. The world of the cinematic story is generated by the music and created within it.

TRAINS is simply beautiful to watch. Boasting…

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