Died Today (October 5th): Charles Napier (1936–2011)

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charlesnapier.jpgCharles Napier (1936–2011)

Born: April 12, 1936 in Mt. Union, Kentucky, USA
Died: October 5, 2011 (age 75) in Bakersfield, California, USA

[2009] Anyone can be a director now, as you well know. There’s no union, basically, per se anymore. They say it is, but these kids are going out and making . . . I just did a western for some guy’s grandson up in Oregon, who is a timber baron, and he put up 200 grand for it. I did a film in Miami for a car dealer who wanted his daughter to be on-screen. And they never go anywhere. They just lay around on shelves. Somebody ought to wise up and figure out how to sell those movies at WalMart, you know? But people have that kind of money, or they used to. It’s tough times now for all of us. Everybody’s scared to death. Nobody knows…

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