Read Poem: God the Verb by Stephen Denham

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What the Lord God most holy saw,
in a clear moment, one cloudless morn,
was a revelation to even his boundless mind …

that to address the crime of His calumny
throughout the ages, as an indolent despot,

required but the simplest act …
less than even a twitch for a being
of His almighty stature, in fact;

for noun-hood was indeed a lonely plight
that allowed all creation to construe
that for all God’s omnipotence,
there was nothing of consequence
He could actually do …

and so, like Adam,
He would take a wife (as it were)
not so much worldly as word-ly,

by creating “God” the verb …

what better way to un-do the sleight
that one ‘does’ not … than partnering
the most active lady in grammar,
a doer without whom God the noun …

(the Word that began the beginning,
that was, and was with)


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