Director BIO: Susana Sánchez Carballo (SILENT SCREAMS)

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

Director Biography – Susana Sánchez Carballo

E61206c59a headshot

Susana is Costa Rican, graduated from a Master’s in Fine Arts in Cinematography from the University of Costa Rica (U.C.R) and a higher degree in Plastic Arts in Painting from U.C.R. Susana also has studies in Photography and Graphic Design in U.C.R.
In 2016, she was the winner of Biennial Miradas de Mujeres, organized by the Association of Women in Visual Arts of Spain, and her work was selected among 150 other international participants. That same year, she presented her work individually at Matadero Madrid in Spain.
She acted as a presenter on 5th International Congress of Museums of Women, in Mexico City in 2016. She also presented at the Second Cine-Foro, “Public Art and Technology”, at Sede Interuniversitaria de Alajuela in 2017, and at the First International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies at U.C.R. Sede de Occidente in 2011.
Her article, “Uno…

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