Short Film: SILENT SCREAMS, 8min., Costa Rica, Experimental

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

5d3ee1f3c8 posterThe social mechanisms of control and surveillance govern how we view things and our bodies. In the same way, they have functioned as a method of exclusion, which for years has systematically silenced the voice of populations that have been victims of violence.
With this video art I seek to achieve a transgression and a rejection to those impositions through my active and non-passive perspective as an artist and a woman in a patriarchal society. The above can lead to questioning that viewing in public space and how the role played by the representation of women in the sexual construction of this society is examined.
At the beginning of the audiovisual, private space that appears and disappears is presented through the elements that shape still life art, which refers to contexts that could be interpreted from domesticity and, therefore, as a metaphor of oppression, and seclusion.
But, as the video…

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