Feature Film: Desert Quarry by James Palmer

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Aa797f2591 posterRaoul and Detective Mattei meet late in the evening in front of Raoul’s Manhattan jewelry shop.

The two men enter and find four of Raoul’s employees shot dead.

Days earlier Gu and Bob reunite nearby for the first time since a roadside bomb separated them in Iraq two years earlier.

Two Saudi Assassins follow them.

Their colleague, Raoul, escaped with some of the money they had just robbed from a Baghdad bank.

Bob is anxious to avenge their losses.

Gu wants to let the past rest in peace.

But after Bob brings Gu to a SoHo loft he’s subleasing and points out Raoul on the street Gu tastes blood.

Bob proposes they rob Raoul’s shop as vindication but Gu wants Raoul dead.

Bob introduces Gu to Eric, a model who works as a doorman at Raoul’s shop. Eric readily divulges the security and operation details of Raoul’s shop in exchange…

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