Feature Film: Executed and Risen by Salvatore Bono

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5a50061c7d posterA musician is unjustly executed, and then resurrected, finding himself in an unholy alliance with a renegade pastor. But when his daughter is kidnapped, he’s forced to fight Satan to save her life.

Writer Biography – Salvatore A. Bono

Salvatore.bono 2

“Executed and Risen” is Salvatore A. Bono’s first full-feature screenplay. In 2012, Sal produced a “teaser/trailer” of his current screenplay’s original concept, then known as “The Five-Day Crucifixion.” In 2013, during the 34th Annual Telly Awards, Sal received a Bronze Telly Award for the production. Since then, a reimagining of the project led to what is submitted today as “Executed and Risen.” As the first of several projects currently under development, Sal aspires to hone his writing skills into the next phase of what will hopefully be a thriving writing career. In addition to his writing, Sal works as a Program Manager in the Satellite Communications industry.

Writer Statement

Screenwriting is a…

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