Read Poem: Lost Love by Abby Petrich

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There are people all around you hugging, laughing, crying, and sharing all the memories. The only thing you can think about is not your friends because you know you’ll see them again, but the person standing a few feet in front of you. A tear runs down your cheek when a tear falls from theirs. You both open your arms. You walk toward their open arms. You’re thinking about all those times you had together and how they’re coming to an end. You hold on a little too tightly. You never want to let go, but at one point you must.
They tell you to keep in touch. “I will,” you mumble. They’re about to say something, but before they can get out their true feelings, your friends run up and pull you away saying something about a party. As you’re being dragged away, you look back, seeing that person…

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