Read Poem: The Spiderman by Paul Wood

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My neighbour was a strange man
He kept himself to himself
I saw him once in the garden
We talked across the fence

I couldn’t see him properly
He hid himself amongst the shadows
There was something strange about him
He had many eyes, legs and elbows

He spoke really eloquently
And wheezed while he conversed
This was the first time I had met him
My strange neighbour all grungy and cursed

“My name is Spiderman
I am an arachnid friend or foe
I don’t get out much at all these days
And live here all alone”

We spoke for ages that morning
About politics and food and wine
He told me all his favourite dishes
Which sounded rich, exotic and divine

“Come for dinner”, said Spiderman
“Come at half past five,
I will bake you some tasty cakes
And make you a special pie”

His strange expression did not…

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