Around Films will break the World Record with #Astrallstory

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Around Films will break the  World Record with #Astrallstory 

BERLIN, GERMANY, April 18, 2019 – 

” Astrall Story ” is an ambitious international film project that attempts to break the World Record for “Most Directors of a Film”. 44 filmmakers from all around the world will be creating together a feature film to prove that we are all connected by the nature of Mother Earth with Collective Consciousness.

It will be the first film produced by a network of independent filmmakers who are the finalists of the Around International Film Festival.

 ” Astrall Story ” will show the togetherness of the universe driven by collective consciousness through a new interpretation of the four primary elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth). 

Each filmmaker will write and direct his/her own segment of the movie in his/her country – by getting inspired by the user-generated content shared on…

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