Little Africa, by James Sears

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Let me take you back in time and provide you with some knowledge. I will tell you about a place you will not hear about while attending college.

The time was 1870 to 1921 for your historical notation, the north side of Tulsa, Oklahoma is the actual recorded location.

North Tulsa was called, “Little Africa,” as this name marked praise. The most affluent black community in America, the witnesses were amazed.

Jim Crow laws created all-black communities, we cannot deny this, and right down racial lines, was how the United States was divided.

Tulsa Oklahoma was separated by the Arkansas River but not equal by any tale. The white side was not nearly as prosperous while the black community completely excelled.

Little Africa contained black doctors, politicians, oil barons, and many PhD’s, all black businesses, farmers, schools and many black attorneys.

Black owned restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, movie theaters, and…

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