Prison Rules, by James Sears

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(The names in this particular poem have been changed to protect the guilty.)

Back, back in the day there was a young man, called Little Kevin, who lived in the hood.
No father, but plenty of sisters and brothers so he did things that could have been miss-understood.

For protection, he joined a gang.
To fit in, he started to speak slang.

Kicked out of school because, he liked to bang.
Out late at night is where, he liked to hang.

And for money, well he be began to slang.
Because robbery and murder were not his thang.

Nor were they in his blood,
See, my man Little Kevin was just a common, everyday, DC, street thug.

By 16 he was the man and by 18 he was the leader by natural selection.
Had a baby on the way because he refused to use protection.

He was still living with…

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