Read Poetry: VOTERS, WAKE UP!, by Edmund Melig Industan

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(Oh, yes!)

A blot of an ink on a boxed paper board;
A wedge of that mouse that runs as a bow;
An effort from us with hope that it would…
Better the globe, change rotting world.

(And we know that…)

One year plus three, a term to behold.
Wrote on the board what’s good for the world.
Dropped in a box and off we then go…
Each one’s routine; then, hope that duty done
Will one day translate to what we were told.

Be awake! Don’t you sleep. Hey!
There’s a guy, working thief.Hey
Purging votes…orders it. Hey!
Orange turd…inmate turf. Hey!
Actively, let’s be part
Of the process, for we have
Democracy to keep.

(Please remember that…)

Leaders of the pack are ordinary men.
They have the will and dyadic swell.
Off flow the “good” when platform bestowed.
Soon bad would flow if no one would crow.


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