Read Poem: MIRROR MIRROR, by Richard Aundrae Wesle

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Mirror mirror

What is this reflection I see
That of
This man whos image is just like me
Enriched melanin skin
Strong features
Same bulb eyes staring back at me
More silver upon his crown
Other than that
The carbon copy of me
Where you been
Its been hard out here
alone on these
CoLd harD streetz
No one for me
To model myself after
For a long time these
Mirror Mirrors
Had forgotten
The image of me
Took a while
To come to terms with
Features so unique
Ignoring that the source
Was ever so strong in me
Oh geez
Where you been
I battled demons alone
Inherited unto me
By a forebearer unknown
without a throne
Astrology alone
teaching me
what a lion king I truly could be
Pushing aside all sadness
Inviting in all badmindness
Just to survive this madness
Product of a…

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