Read Poem: Moon…n..Sun !!!, by Stuti Saxena Singh

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Mumma, Mumma,
Madhav chants eagerly.
Why is there watery falloff ???
From aloft sky,
So hastily & carelessly.
Switch the tap off,
Oh! Dear Mother!!
Madhav pointed strictly.
Be gracious at his pristine modality,
By same token reciprocated placidly.
Oh! My dear Madhav,
Dark clouds and thunder lighting
supervene with hail,
Signifies soothing monsoon
has splendidly nailed.
What Mumma did you just said??
Is it Moon..&…Sun on same earth bed..
He gave a good whirl,
Synchronously lighting made him thrill.
I tightly embraced him,
and cracked my will.
Oh! My dear, come a little near.
I will surely try, to answer all your pry.
Monsoon is a fruitful boon,
We get relief from scorched full noon.
Hot pakoras embedded with dhaniya chutney,
Are mouth-watering eatables over the spoon.
Chirruping birds and dancing peacocks,
Rhythmic and serene nature enjoyed by frogs.
Glare of greens and scenic beauty
are like soothing eye…

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