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My mask will start cracking and soon you will know,
My mask will start breaking and soon it will show,
I’m not really happy, it’s all been an act,
I’m only pretending, and now my mask’s cracked,
You’ll see how my sadness has torn me apart,
You’ll know my joy was fake from the very start.

I will have to hide it, from those who will care,
I need to conceal it, leave you unaware,
I’ll make me a new mask, yeah, that’s what I’ll do,
I’ll make me a new mask to hide from you,
I’ll start with the smile, I’ll make it all bright,
So you never notice my lack of delight.

Then I’ll make the eyes and they’ll twinkle like stars,
I’ll wear longer sleeves so they cover my scars,
I’ll also add glasses to go with the eyes,
I am very proud of my brand new…

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