Read Poem: SNAKE, by Vaishali Dhiman

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Betrayal was your truth, Getting caught the real mistake,
Forgiving was my duty, I nurtured a human snake.

Your magnificent body, You wrapped around my throat,
I watched silently, So you complete your master stroke.

Before you strangle me, I let my throat explode.
From mine came out truth, And all yours slowly erode.

Your over confident voice, Suddenly was just faint mumbles,
You believed you had me fooled, I had your lies listed in numbers.

Panicked planning escape, You attacked me with my flaws.
But my heart was already powder, Which I used to sharpen my claws.

Claws that I dug, Deeper in your hollow chest,
Surprised there wasn’t a heart, I put my heart to rest.

– Vaishali Dhiman

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