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Get to know Editor Tia Nolan (How to be Single, Friends with Benefits)

Interview with Editor Tia Nolan (How to be Single, Friends with Benefits)

– Chatting with Tia Nolan about the craft of editing was a pure joy. Her recent credits include: How to be Single (2016), Angie Tribeca season 2 (2016), Annie (2014), Friends with Benefits (2011), The Woman (2008), and Bewitched (2005). She is a wealth of knowledge in the art of making a great comedy – as you’ll learn in his interview. Enjoy!

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PHOTO: Rashida Jones stars in “Angie Tribeca” TV show. Tia edits all of their episodes:


Matthew Toffolo: What film that you’ve worked on has been your most valuable experience?

TN: That’s a hard question to answer. As an overall answer, I’d say any film I worked on with Richard Marks, my mentor, because he really taught me how to look at a film and make it great. If I were to pick one film that was the most valuable, I’d say FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

Today’s Quote: Star Trek Beyond editor Greg D’Auria (on editing)


We’re telling stories. Every scene is a piece of that tapestry. Every shot is like a thread in that tapestry. How do those individual threads work best to tell the story of that scene? What are the objectives of that scene? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I hope to take an audience on a ride when I cut action. I think the best way to do that is by keeping track of the characters in the midst of whatever action is going on. What are they doing in the scene? How are they reacting? If you connect the audience to the characters, it becomes an immersive experience. I think every film, doesn’t matter what genre, succeeds when it gets to that level.

– Greg D’Auria. On his editing process.

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Interview with Editor Greg D’Auria (Star Trek Beyond, Fast & Furious 6)