March 2018 – Interviews with TOP FILM COMPOSERS working today:

Matthew Toffolo interviews some of the top Film Composers working in the industry today. Great insights on what it takes to succeed in any field in the movie business:

Interview with Composer Mateo Messina (JUNO, BREAKERS)

Persistence is key. Relentlessness is key. Time and time again I’ve found the people I’ve worked with who are on top of their game are the ones who stayed after years and years struggling. Just keep at it.

Interview with Composer Jeff Russo (Emmy Winner FARGO TV series)

Most important thing is for someone to create their own voice. We are all unique and original in our own way so we all have a voice. Find it. It’s the only way to move forward.

Interview with Composer Gilde Flores (Total Divas, The Wolverine)

The advice I would give to any young musicians who want to eventually compose movies is to be PATIENT, always work on your skill set/stay teachable, have an amazing work ethic, have consistency, have respect, and learn how to take a “no/pass on your work.

Interview with Composer/Musician Michael Abels (GET OUT)

Write the music that inspires you, because writing music purely for money will make you hate your creative life. Try to remove your ego from every piece you write. It’s so difficult to be inspired-yet-unattached, but it’s required to remain in a highly creative state. And you are a composer, regardless of whether you have a high profile project to your credit or not. Be the person you want others to see.

Interview with Composer/Vocalist Dominic Lewis (Money Monster, Batman v Superman)

Freebirds being my first big movie is a fond memory but I have to say getting to work with Jodie Foster and so many amazing people on ‘Money Monster’ has to top the lot so far. I’m also really proud of the score, it’s different and I was given a chance to push the envelope.

Interview with Composer David Buckley (The Good Wife, The Town)

When I was a boy, I sung on a soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Chris, and a flame was ignited. I went through a couple of decades of classical training before moving to London and starting to compose for jingles and crappy tv. I was learning as I was going though, and building up my studio and knowledge-base. I got the opportunity to come over to LA just after I turned 30, and jumped at the opportunity.


March 2018 – Interviews with Film Directors

Read interviews by Matthew Toffolo with the top up and coming filmmakers from around the world:

Interview with Filmmaker Julia Campanelli (116)
Interview with Filmmaker Julia Campanelli (116)

Interview with Filmmaker Philippe McKie (BREAKER)
Interview with Filmmaker Philippe McKie (BREAKER)

Interview with Filmmaker Balazs Juszt (WHAT IF…?)
Interview with Filmmaker Balazs Juszt (WHAT IF…?)

Interview with Filmmaker Steven R. Lawson (MAN-AT-ARMS)
Interview with Filmmaker Steven R. Lawson (MAN-AT-ARMS)

Interview with Filmmaker Derek Frey (GOD CAME ‘ROUND)
Interview with Filmmaker Derek Frey (GOD CAME ‘ROUND)

Interview with Filmmakers Thia Schuessler & Rex New (THE WEDDING SONG)
Interview with Filmmakers Thia Schuessler & Rex New (THE WEDDING SONG)

Interview with Filmmaker Zack Arch (THE CRYING CHEF)
Interview with Filmmaker Zack Arch (THE CRYING CHEF)

Interview with Filmmaker Gabriel Renfro (THE FUTURE RICHARD DENISONS)
Interview with Filmmaker Gabriel Renfro (THE FUTURE RICHARD DENISONS)

Interview with Filmmaker Kaitlyn Fajilan (MADEIRA)
Interview with Filmmaker Kaitlyn Fajilan (MADEIRA)

Interview with Filmmaker Fatima Martin (MARTINA, OH MARTINA)
Interview with Filmmaker Fatima Martin (MARTINA, OH MARTINA)

Interview with Filmmakers Ani Cohen & Emma Sharp (AN ACTOR PREPARES)
Interview with Filmmakers Ani Cohen & Emma Sharp (AN ACTOR PREPARES)

Interview with Filmmaker Reanna Miller (FORGOTTEN FLORA)
Interview with Filmmaker Reanna Miller (FORGOTTEN FLORA)

Interview with Filmmaker Gonzaga Manso (EDEN HOSTEL)


October 2017 – Read Interviews with Winning Short Filmmakers

Interview with 15 winning short filmmakers from around the world. Interviews by Matthew Toffolo:

Interview with Director James Bowsher (WITHHELD)


Interview with Director Steve Hally (TWISTED SOBRIETY)


Interview with Director Andi Osho (AMBER)


Interview with Directed Eric Shahinian (FOREIGN SOUNDS)


Interview with Directed Elaine Chu (MANEKI-NEKO)


 Interview with Director Jana Stackhouse (THE MAN WHO DOESN’T SLEEP)


Interview with director Anthony Bennett (MY LITTLE BROTHER)


Interview with Animation Director Peter Zhaoyu Zhou (KARMA)


Interview with Director Margaret Costa (MY NAME IS JOAN)


Interview with Director Igor Gavva (SUITCASE)


Interview with Director Andrea Behring (BAGGAGE)


Interview with Director Dan Pal (COUNTING)


Interview with Director Andrew Galloway (WALLY)


Interview with director Katie Maguire (THE SESSION)


Interview with Director’s Blair Bomar & Olivia Applegate (GRACE & GRIT)



September 2017 – Interviews with Award Winning Filmmakers and Screenwriters

Read the best of interviews with some of the most talented people working in the industry today.

Interviews by Matthew Toffolo


Interview with Director Lindsay Penn (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)

FilmFreeway is a dream come true. So simple to find out where festivals are, when they are, and which festivals are looking for a film like yours.


Interview with Winning Feature Screenplay Writer – Richard Geiwitz (THE LAST PRISON)

It’s easy to use and actually fun, like shopping on Amazon. There are a lot of festivals to choose from. It’s easy to search for festivals and the many filters save a lot of time.


Interview with Winning Sci-Fi Short Screenplay Writer – Auriga Ifill (SID)

Quick & painless.


Interview with Fan Fiction Screenplay Winner – Gil Saint (ROCKETEERS)

So far, so good. They’ve made submitting easy, and I’m extremely grateful for that.


Interview with LGBT TV Pilot Screenplay Winner – Jess Harris DiStefano (THE DISAPPEARANCE)

I love FilmFreeway. Super easy when it comes to submitting and tracking statuses.


Interview with Winning Student TV PILOT Screenplay Winner – K. Wayman Dodd (EVERHART)

Pretty great! It’s been really helpful.


Interview with Winning Feature Screenplay Writer George M. Johnson (PEACE PLEDGE)

It has been great!


February 2017 – Read best of interview with directors

Read 17 interviews with 17 directors from around the world. Each filmmaker had their film shown at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles or Toronto in January. Interviews conducted by Matthew Toffolo

Interview with director Rob Sprackling (MAN’S BEST FRIEND):

Interview with director Ivo Huahua (STUTTER)

Interview with director Jon James Smith (DO NOT DISTURB)

Interview with director Oliver McMillan (WHAT’S WEARING MUMMY)

Interview with director/animator Mads Johan Øgaard (I AM DYSLEXIC):

Interview with director/animator Patrick Jenkins (PHANTOM CITY):

Interview with director Mary Gerretsen (ORANGE YOU GONNA DANCE WITH ME?):

Interview with director Jeremy Borison (A SENSE OF SOUND):

Interview with the Brazilian Film Collective “we are magnolias” (The Grenade):

Interview with Actor/Screenwriter Bronwyn Szabo:

Interview with director Irene Garces (THERE WAS A PLACE):

Interview with director Stephanie Jaclyn (FREEMALES):

Interview with director Miriam Dehne (FALLING STARS):

Interview with director Emily Pietro (COLOR):

Interview with director Vu Hoang (MARTY: A WILD WEST NEVERLAND):

Interview with director Teddy Cecil (HELIO):

Interview with director Daniel Greenwald (A Few Rubber Bands More):


Get to know Storyboard Artist James Doh (Captain America, X-Men: First Class, Drive)

James Doh is one of the most sought after Storyboard Artists in the industry today. His imprint is on most of the top action movies in the last 15 years. In 2016 alone, he worked on “The Conjuring 2”, “Suicide Squad”, and “Star Trek Beyond”. He’s currently working on the upcoming blockbusters “Ghost in the Shell (2017”, “Aquaman (2018)”, and “The Predator (2018)”.

Read the full interview here

PHOTO: James’ storyboards from Suicide Squad: 



Interviewer Matthew Toffolo is currently the CEO of the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival. The festival that showcases 10-20 screenplay and story readings performed by professional actors every month. And the FEEDBACK Monthly Festival held in downtown Toronto on the last Thursday of every single month. Go to for more information and to submit your work to the festival.


Get to know Editor Valerio Bonelli (The Martian, Philomena)


– If you’re interested in storytelling, this is the interview for you. Editor Valerio Bonelli has edited over 30 films in the last 20 years, working with some of the top directors, including many collaborations with Ridley Scott (The Martian, Black Hawk Down, Hannibal, and the Oscar winner Gladiator), and Stephen Frears (Philomena, The Program). In this interview, he gives a lot of amazing insight on the art of editing a feature film and what it takes to succeed in Hollywood.

Transcript from Interview:

Every film I work on somehow added something to my knowledge as an editor and as a person. Each film is different even if you work with the same director, but I can say that there are few films that have stayed with me for one reason or another. Recently I’ve cut a documentary feature called “Palio”, this film was particularly challenging for me because unlike most conventional documentaries the story is narrated in the present time and not retrospectively with a narration voice but with the voices of all the characters of the film. The film is about the famous ancient horse race in Siena, Italy, it did not have a script, and was ‘written’ during the editing process by me and Cosima Spender.

PHOTO: Still Shot from the documentary “Palio”:


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