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Poetry Movie Day – POEM #10: Watch “HAMMER”

Today we’re showing our Top 10 of the best of Poetry we’ve turned into a movie from the festival.

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Watch HAMMER Poetry Movie by Cassandra Swan:

Explanation from the Poet:

Poem read by the authoer

Music by Audrey Kireyev

Visual Design by Yujin Song

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

BONDAGE, Poetry by Christiane Prévost

Genre: Horror, Gore, Society

by Christiane Prévost

Sleepless nights with the scarlet tops

The mices wander in the streets Drunk with blood, The tears have been shed And streams the fountain Of the deaf yoke of bondage

Bitter heart

Full of scrap

The rumors of the drunken boat echoed up to the fairies

The roaming boredom

Bounces and carries me

Up to the Renewed borders of the filter of love

* * * * *
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