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Watch Poem turned into a Movie: OLD HAT, by Sue Walker

    Watch Poem turned into a Movie: OLD HAT, by Sue Walker:

    Poem written and read by Sue Walker

    Visual Design and Editor by Yujin Song

    Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Note from the Writer Sue Walker:

The poem is memory and desire.

The poem begins with waiting, waiting for the man who didn’t get off the bus — and he blurs with the man who comes in the back door, who offers to show the woman love again–for desire is a recurrence. Like rain. She is the impossibility of truth, devastation and passion. She shifts back and forth — so that past is present and present is past.

Language calls into being the past and the moment of “now” when she goes into the kitchen and makes a mint julep. The narrator is a survivor. She knows the thrust of desire and she sees herself as she would be seen — young again. Silk sheets. And love that is predictable. As is rain.