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Crystal Days, Poetry by Allen Smith

Genre: Life, Rhyme, Society

Crystal Days
by Allen Smith

A simmering fractured breath
Deliciously drawn
Permeates my lifeblood
Where fetid thoughts are born
An insincere promise
Impure, misfit ways
A venerated oath
Wanting crystal days.

Bound by consequence
To achieve my vital aim
I whimper like a baby
Refuse to join the game
Forgive my bloody sins
I bow in servile state
I plead for your forgiveness
My mind is at you fĂȘte.

Deliver me in whole
My scars are plainly seen
A splintered soul I carry
From a Dantesque scene
My ego diminished
Rejected by the light
A barren rotten carcass
Devoid of any fight.

I challenge you to want me
To fill my empty heart
To open up these eyes
Before I come apart
Hold my withered hand
Rejuvenate the skin
Into the very marrow
Your love I hope to win.

    * * * * *

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