DIARIES OF KARMA – Chapter 1 Reading by BAM (plus interview)

The book isn’t for everyone. If you’re only into vampires, you won’t like this book. No bloodsuckers—not even shiny ones. If you like autobiographical war novels, this is not your cup of tea either. If you’re looking for a book where the boy gets the girl, you should look elsewhere. In this story, the narrator is dead. One of the main characters is a psychologist who tries out twisted stuff her patients tell her about on her husband. There’s a corporate executive who gets mad and punches people. Oh, and the main protagonist is an assassin in denial of having seizures. The three friends are connected through the dead man who, at a young age, taught them about karma. If that sounds appealing to you, you might enjoy the read. I’ve worked hard on making the story worth a look and hope it’s right for you.