Watch Audience FEEDBACK: FAREWELL, 15min, Switzerland, Comedy

Played at the May 2017 Best of EUROPEAN Shorts Festival


What happens if you want to say goodbye to a loved one but this suddenly no longer find ? The short film “Farewell” tells how want to accompany a group of friends with different characters their deceased friend and brother on a last trip and so much goes wrong.

In bizarre and comical way this short satire will pull you in its spell – and what, if such a thing happened once to me?

  • Urs Kälin
  • Urs Kälin
  • Urs Kälin
  • Katharina Linhart
    Key Cast
  • Sandro Howald
    Key Cast
  • Pauli Schmidig
    Key Cast
  • Jan A. Hiss
    Key Cast
  • Diane DelaCroix
    Key Cast
  • Nadine Martig
    Key Cast
  • Philippe Schuler
    Key Cast
  • Urs Kälin
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Film Type:
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes 8 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 28, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    11,000 CHF
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Film Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital, Black Magic
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:

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FAREWELL, Poetry by Roxanna Aliba Kazibwe

Genre: Relationships.

by Roxanna Aliba Kazibwe

Thank you for showing me how to dance in the rain
How to sing in a full train
Thank you for teaching me to write,
To share what I feel
to fight for what’s right
Thank you for sharing with me your dreams
For chit chat and big talk
Thank you for sunshine and daisies
Watching it rise and set
Watching them bloom and wither
Watching me watch them
I love you even with all the crazies
The crashings and disappointments
I love you even though it hurts
Even though my heart is breaking
Its pieces are loving you still

I love you when you’re making me smile
When you’re making me cry
When you’re making me sigh
With joy, with exasperation
With amazement, with frustration
I love you when you are comforting
Helping me stand
Helping me stay up

I love you when you are making me unsure
When you’re making me feel safe
When you’re telling me I’m special
When, like now,
You’re making me feel less than wanted
I want you still

I love you when we are together
Promising ourselves forever
When you’re far
And promising ourselves never
To part
I love you when you’re unnerving
Being less than perfect
But, just right for me

I love you like freedom
Like the glistening of a puddle when it shines after the rains
You’re like a beautiful smile my love
I love you and have no clue why
You’re God’s gracious gift to me
God’s extended hand of love
God’s smile upon me
God’s parcel of goodness.
I love you,
Maybe I never knew till now that I loved you this much

I love you today
As we stand on our favourite street
I wish the sun would be still
And time would not steal
This moment
That it would be engraved on my mind
A picturesque version
Tatooed on my heart
The pained look in your eyes
(Affection marred by pity?)
Silently willing me to come with you
The wistful smile playing on your sweet lips
The feel of your fingers
Smoothing away my hair and wiping my cheeks dry

I love you as I linger to lengthen the moment
Make it longer
As you hold me one last time
As I pull away one last time
As the car makes that screeching halt
As the engine raves ‘it’s not my fault’
As you get in

Goodbye then my love
Once mine, not again
Moving on as I remain, with pain, unbearable
My heart holding no anger
That you chose yourself over me
The world over us
That you took the easy route
That you cut short years of bliss
With the swift cruel knife of ambition
Bringing death where you once breathed life
Wishing the furies would rain hailstones on you!
I would quickly forgive your selfishness to mourn your death!
Even then, loving you all the more as I wave
May the money keep you warm!

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