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Fuck-Up, Poetry Keshia L. Nowden

Genre: Life, Anger

                                                                                                Fuck-Up – Keshia L. Nowden

You ever wonder why Santa Jesus God put us here?

You see fuckups everywhere.

Some inherited from wealth,




Some man-made.

I’m a reincarnated fuckup

I may have been the catalyst for being expelled from the Garden of Eden

I might have been the one to sell Jesus out at dinner one night,

or started World War I with a bullet to a noble’s dome.

Maybe Santa Jesus God hated me that much, he put me in this sad woman’s body,

A woman who doesn’t know what forgiveness feels like, because no one gave her a chance

to correct her mistakes.

Even if she did correct every mistake she’s made, people still shun her, like a contagion.

They say “all is forgiven,” but it isn’t.

“She’ll always be a fuckup,” She senses, “She’ll never change.”

So I don’t change, this won’t ever change.

What difference will it make?

I’m just waiting for the next life to happen,

So I can begin the process again.











    * * * * *

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