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Read Today’s Feature Film Pitches from writers from all over the world

Deadline: FEATURE Screenplay Festival – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

Title: Humptonville Days Of The Man Eating Trees
Written by: Thomas Castillo El Bey
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Horror

Title: Acumen
Written by: Freya Lawrence
Type: Feature Film
Genre: History, Drama

Title: Reverend Ezra Tombstone
Written by: Michael Pallotta
Type: Feature Film
Genre: History, Adventure, Western

Title: Doctor of the Unfeasible
Written by: Helene Perrin-Gouron
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Title: Our Sacred Honor
Written by: Jay Alan Quantrill
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Political Thriller, Mystery, Edgy Drama, Romance

Title: FOUND!
Written by: Mike Arsuaga
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Military, Romantic thriller

Title: Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic
Written by: Phillip E. Hardy
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy, biopic, dramedy

Title: The Crazy Game
Written by: Nabeil El Leisy
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action/Comedy

Title: Pipeline
Written by: Jody Ellis
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Drama

Title: Exchange of Power
Written by: Kim Delgado
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Title: Ripples In The Garden Of Good & Evil
Written by: Douglas G. Cala
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Action-Adventure

Title: The Stanza Heard Around The World
Written by: Douglas G. Cala
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction

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