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Turn your NOVEL into a Feature Film

TURN your STORY into a MOVIE
Deadline June 30th

SUBMIT your story (both your 1st chapter, short story, or full novel accepted)
And we’ll make it into a movie.


Watch Past Novels turned into a Movie:

Watch Diamond and the Fosters – Children’s Novel

75 minutes

Watch children’s novel made into a movie. by Michael David Weis

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Narration by Becky Shrimpton



by Albert Russo

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Narration by David Kinsman

Turning Novels/Short Stories into movies – Watch the First Film Diamond and the Fosters Part 1

I am so proud to announce the revealing of our new enterprise. We are turning novels and short stories into movies. We just completed our first film:

Diamond’s Family Tree – Children’s Story written by Michael David Weis

WATCH NOW – In just a week it has already garnered over 1400 views:


BUY NOW on Amazon – The entire poetic novel of this amazing story.

Written by Michael David Weis

Illustration by Matthew Avant

Narration by Becky Shrimpton

Editing and Visual Design by Yujin Song

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

This will be the beginning of a long series of amazing stories turned into movies. I am filled with excitement, nerves, insecurity, confidence, and determination all rolled up to one giant ball that is stuck in my gut. Hope you enjoy.

Interested in turning your Story into a Movie. CLICK HERE and find out how: