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WILDsound Short Film Festival. Best of the October 2014 Event

On October 30 2014, we showcased our monthly best of short film festival event at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Every month, the festival showcases a selection of new short films from around the world. Then, we have an audience discussion after each film is screened. It’s really the most unique film festival in the world as no other festival does what we do.

To be honest, it took awhile to really hone and perfect the discussion because the last thing we want to do is go negative. For one, that’s the easiest form of conversation and it’s too simple in nature to really explore. And besides, what does anyone get out of judgment talk? What we try to do is have a conversation about how people felt when they watched a particular film. That serves the entire audience experience better, plus it serves the filmmakers who watch the video better too. And every single festival is different because the audience is always different each time.

I can honestly say that it took 18 festivals (almost 2 years) to really nail the discussion and conversation talk. We tried out many moderators, from established filmmakers to film critics, but nothing really worked because the main agenda needed to be about the films. But we finally got it going and we’ve sold out 48 out of our last 50 festivals and people seem to really have a great time attending the festival. Of course it’s all about the films and we’ve been able to showcase some amazing shorts in the last few years.

This month was without exception as all 5 films were nothing short of amazing. Watch the audience feedback videos from the festival here:

To learn about each film that played, click here:

If you have a short film that you like to submit, click here:


Every film showcased on the night was about a character or theme of the youth handling their inner aggression.

– In NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF REVOLUTION, a documentary of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians.

– In THE MAGIC PRINTER, a young man gets a magic printer – careful what you ask for.

– In LA COMMEDIA, a dying man is reminded of his youth as he ventures within the imagination of his paintings.

– In SUBURBAN DEATHCORE, a documentary on what seems like a dark, violent and negative art form; suburban youth are able find a positive outlet for their small town frustrations..

– In SERENA, affluent teenagers who only care about one thing : having fun. Their freedom takes them down a dark turn of violence.


– Matthew Toffolo