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Get to know the Composing team of The Newton Brothers (Ouija: 2, The Runner)

What a great time I had chatting with the extremely talented Newton Brothers (Andrew Grush & Taylor Stewart). A composing team that has already “scored” an impressive resume. I talked with them while they were in the midst of promoting their composing work on the horror film “Ouija: Origin of Evil.”

Read the FULL INTERVIEW on MatthewToffolo.com

On what they are looking for in a director: 

We welcome as much input as possible from the director. Getting to know what they want to relay what they want to give the audience. Whether that’s a two note score, or a very detailed score with many counter points. We want to work on the story with them and interject our talent onto the film.

The more that director gives us, the better it is for us.

LIST of COMPOSING Credits from the last 3 years: 

Conventional (Short)
Chasing Life (TV Series) (10 episodes)

King Ripple (Short)
Coward (Short)
The Listing (Short)
Courtside (TV Series) (6 episodes)

The Man in the Can (Documentary short)