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May 2017 – Read the best of NEW Poetry from around the world.

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WHERE ROSES GROW, by Zainab F. Raza


Poetry: The Light Shines Brightest In the Dark By Shenita Etwaroo

IN THE STARS, by Marcus G. Taylor
Poem: In the Stars, by Marcus G. Taylor

MY PANIC LIFE, by Amanda Beyer
Poem: My Panic Life, by Amanda Beyer

INNERPEACE, by Anthony Yandell
Poem: Innerpeace by Anthony Yandell

I CLOSE MY EYES, by Anjum Wasim Dar
Poem: I Close My Eyes To See, by Anjum Wasim Dar

ROMANCE, by Peter J. Frady
Poem: Romance, by Peter J. Frady

Poem: Loving with an Arrhythmia, by J. NACALABAN

THE CYCLE, by Cheron Turnley
Poem: The Cycle, by Cheron Turnley

JUST A PIECE, by Nittystan
Poem: JUST A PIECE, by Nittystan

Poem: Loved Dark and Wasn’t Sad, by Tanvi Sareen

DIAPER BAG, by Kimmy Alan
Poem: Diaper Bag, by Kimmy Alan

SOCIETY Poetry Contest – Deadline August 31st. Submit a poem that’s about SOCIETY and get it made into a movie.

Accepting any poetry in any genre or length that’s about SOCIETY in any way.

All poems will be posted on this network. Over 95,000 unique visitors a day. The winning poem will have their poetry made into a movie. SPECIAL NOTE: Every single entry will get their poetry performed by a professional actor and made into a video.

The RULES are simple:

1. Write a POEM that’s about SOCIETY. Send it to this contest for $20 and it will be POSTED on this site guaranteed for 100,000s to see. Plus, every entry will get their poetry performed at the festival and made into a video. (you own all rights to this poem and whenever you want it taken down, send us an email).

2. Email your POEM to submission@festivalforpoetry.com in .pdf, .doc, .wpd, .rtf, or .fdr format or just cut and paste it into the body of the email.

3. SUBMIT as many poems as you like. One fee per poem entry.

4. The poem can be anything about SOCIETY. An event/situation about any SOCIETY in general.

5. PAY THE $20 SUBMISSION FEE. Guaranteed post on this network. Results to be emailed by September 10th.

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Watch Recent Poems made into a MOVIE:

August 2016 – Read the best of NEW Poetry from around the world

Submit your Poetry to the Festival Today: https://festivalforpoetry.com

Read the best of NEW Poetry from around the world:


LOVE NOT THE RULES, by Charles P. Banks

MELODY, by Alex Pauley

BEST NIGHT, by Roderick Dupress

WATER, by Sinjini Sengupta


GODS PROVIDENCE, by Lucille Marais

GOLDEN LEGEND, by Richard Van Holst

LEAVES AND GRASS, by Thomas Sorrell

OPUS NO. 4, by Francesca Ison

HEAR ME, by Jeanette Lambert

RAGE, by S. Moran

MR. PRESIDENT, by Etinosa Victor Osai

WORLD WITH A FLOWER, by Man Mohan Singh

TO BE REBORN, by Chistine Doyle

Vigorously Upbeat, Poetry by Kelly Rice

Genres: horror,dark,fear,depression

Vigorously Upbeat
by Kelly Rice

Vigorously upbeat
Flashing panicky and
Overtly audacious

He fidgets

Alone in a room
To a tepid water faucet

Strenuously standing
With his hands out under
Running luke warm water

All along the dresser and nightstand
Lay a-strew empty beer bottles
Disheveled and impure
Lay out old pictures on the floor
And in a suit case sitting open on the bed

His bare feet stood
On the bathroom floor
In a pool of blood
Where he shaves his face
And cuts the butt of his chin off

Dripping down his neck and
His naked shaved chest
He leans over the toilet
And grabs a towel from the rack
He lifts it to his face
In attempt to clean up

The blood soaks through the cotton
And all through the room
The porcelain white tile
Lavish in blackened crimson liquid

He lifts his head back
To better ease the bleeding
But the drip doesn’t stop
He takes his finger to the wound
And presses down hard on it

It’s not until he manages to
Fling blood across the room
And splatter his photography
Over his black and white pictures

Then the bleeding comes to an end

Traveling the highway
Hitchhiking from one place to the next

Photographing old towns and people
The man draws a bath
And retires down in it

    * * * * * *

Submit your POEM to the Poetry Festival: http://www.festivalforpoetry.com

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WATCH JANUARY 2016 Poetry Readings

2015 Poetry Contest – Last Deadline January 15th
Submit a poem that’s about the year 2015 and get it made into a movie.
FREE POETRY CONTEST – Deadline July 12th

Watch the best of January 2015 Poetry Readings performed by actress Reetu Bambrah. Click the images and watch:

 NOT SO AMAZING POEM FOR AN AMAZING GIRL – Poetry Reading by Abhishek Jha  T H E I N T E R N M E N T – Poetry Reading by Melodic Rose.
 Flame – Poetry Reading by Carolyn Hucker  Star Attraction – Poetry Reading by Agata Zema
 On A High – Poetry Reading by Patsy Jawo  The Other Side – Poetry Reading by Patsy Jawo
 Who are we – Poetry Reading by Patsy Jawo  My Joseph, My JAM – Poetry Reading by Poet Adrienne Miranda


Eulogy For A Bat – Poetry Reading by Kathy Figueroa

Watch the Poetry Reading EULOGY FOR A BAT:

Poet read by actress Val Cole

Get to know writer Kathy Figueroa:

1) What is the theme of your poem?

The main theme of “Eulogy For A Bat” is appreciation for this beneficial but, often, maligned or vilified critter.

2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

My poems have now been published a collective total of over one hundred times in the Bancroft newspapers and it’s always great when I go downtown and folks tell me how much they liked this one or that one, or that they’ve actually clipped some out to save. As far as poetry readings go, I hope that people find my work entertaining. To me, the reading has been successful when people smile, applaud, and look like they’re enjoying the event.

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

I’ve been writing poetry for a very long time, and was about nine years old when I wrote my first serious poem, but can’t remember exactly how it went. I do recall a limerick I wrote when I was even younger:
“There once was a firefly from Skink
Whose taillight went out with a blink
He moaned and lamented
Then finally he rented
A flashlight – and cheated
…That fink!

4) Do you have a favorite poet?

There are so many brilliant poets I admire, such as Robert Service, William Blake, and Edgar Allan Poe (all of whom are mentioned in “Beautiful Old Style Poems,” which I wrote back in 2011), along with Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Cullen Bryant, that I really can’t name any particular one as my favourite. Charles Baudelaire and Richard Brautigan are two others whose work I hold in high regard.

5) What influenced you to submit to WILDsound and have your poetry performed by a professional actor?

A friend of mine, out on the West Coast, mentioned, on Facebook, that she’d submitted a poem to WILDsound, which was recorded by an actor, and she was really happy with the results. Though some of my work has already been recorded by other folks, and a few of my own recordings are up on SoundCloud, I thought it would be fun to see what WILDsound could do.

6) Do you write other works? Scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

Along with my often rural-themed poems, which I’m very happy to say have now been published a combined total of over one hundred times in the Bancroft newspapers, my freelance articles (and photographs) have appeared in local and regional publications over the course of the past decade. I’ve also written screenplays and my short, theatrical play, “Conflicted About The Wolf,” was staged locally as part of the “24 Hour Theatre Event,” in 2011.

7) What is your passion in life?

My feeling is that it’s important to have a lot of different interests and to live a well-balanced life – that is, don’t focus all of your attention and energy on just one thing that you feel hyper passionate about. Make time to be involved in a variety of activities, and try to get outside often, to enjoy the great outdoors. Many of the ideas and, sometimes, actual verses for some of my most popular poems just came to me while I was outside weeding my flowerbeds or doing other yardwork.

Luftmenschen #2, Poetry by LJ Kessels

Genre: Death, Dark

Luftmenschen #2
by LJ Kessels

An empty forest, filled with spurs, steam coming from a gully and a
burning barge on the bayou. Cocaine lines on a cigar-tugging chest;
dirty feet on the plastic covered couch.

An egg breaks on a portrait of the assassinated William.

Trees illuminated by the night into majestic white statues unhindered
by time.

A dark sea foaming,

Bin bags floating

Sitting down for a cup of tea with exposed breasts.

Empty parking lots

And faded images of running through the streets.

Hands placed on the head peering over the eastern sea.

She is stroking his hair while he gives head.

All these bodies are out of focus.

The landscape left black against a light sky

Beggary next-door to unsullied people dressed in white

The roaring sound of a bustling café came in from nowhere.

There is a Zamboni running around her head,

Cleaning her membranes

While in the street with her legs wide spread.

    * * * * *

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