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Today’s TESTIMONIALS. Writers reactions to the feedback they received from the festival.

Read testimonials of recent submitted works and their reactions to the feedback they have received from the festival:

Submit your Screenplay or Story (Novel, Short Story) to the festival today for FEEDBACK, plus get it performed at the festival by professional actors: http://www.wildsound.ca

I think your feedback was valid and helpful. ATA will be rewritten within the next six months. I will keep this critique in a safe place for reference.

– Julie Merrick, Feature Screenplay (Adrian the Android)

Excellent feedback – thank you so much. It’s given me something to work with, which is just terrific. Still digesting it all.

– Laura Quigley, TV Pilot Screenplay (Mars)

Thank you for the feedback on my novel. The instructions provided for the corrections that I need to make are greatly appreciated.

– Robert J. Sparkman, Full Novel Submission (Prisoner Prodigal Pawn)

I have found your feedback particularly helpful. You’ve picked up on some great logic points of the story I couldn’t see having been immersed in the story.

– Ed Vassi, TV Pilot Screenplay (Our Demons)

I am amazed and grateful for your thoughtful and very valuable insight. I’ll be sure to support your festival with many submissions and recommendations in the future.

– Jonathan Ward, Short Screenplay (Deep Trouble)

Thank you for the reader’s lengthy and informative feedback about my script “I’m Still Here”! I appreciate what was said about it and will take it all into consideration when I rewrite the script for the WILDsound festival. I am going to try my best to respond to what the reader has said about it.

– Sean Elwood, Feature Screenplay (I’m Still Here)

Thank you for a very thoughtful and helpful evaluation of the script. You have given me much food for thought.

– Doris Gill, Feature Screenplay (Rembrandt)

Spot on! Thank you!

– Tammy Gross, 1st Scene Script (The Treasure Galleons)

Thanks for this. This is terrific feedback.

– Tom Bourne, Short Script (Bound)

Thanks, very interesting feedback. Helpful thoughts. ‚Äč

– Joanell Serra, 1st Chapter (Sonoma Stories)