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WILDsound Names May 2015 Short Screenplay Contest Winners

Two winners for this month. Watch the winning short screenplays performed by professional actors.

Script #1: HONOR AMONG THIEVES, by Nat & Digs Palazzo

Three men pull off a complicated robbery, but when they all decide to double-cross each other; the stakes are raised resulting in a dangerous end.

NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
Billy Ray – Ryan Anning
Anton – Peter Nelson
Larry – Derek Chan
Guy – Peter Bent
Rich Woman – Michelle Lecky

Script #2: WRITER’S DUEL, by Ellery VanDooyeweert

A short script is all about the magic we can create when working in the movies. We can make things appear and disappear, literally make characters do and say stuff and have fun with it!

NARRATOR – David Occhipinti
WRITER #1 – Steve Rizzo
ADDISON PALMER – Holly Sarchfield
MIKE DEXTER – Craig Estrella
WRITER #2 – Sean Ballantyne
WRITER #3 – Angelica Alejandro

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FEEDBACK Film Festival: Highlights from the Thursday March 26 2015 event

The theme of the MARCH 2015 FILM FESTIVAL was:

Every film showcased on the night was about characters being forced to grow up under the circumstances they face.

Get to know all the films that played at the festival:

Watch the Audience Feedback Videos for Each Film:

WATCH Audience FEEDBACK Video, 14min, Spain, Family/Drama

WATCH Audience FEEDBACK, 6min, Germany, Animation/Documentary

WATCH Audience FEEDBACK Video, 13min, Canada, Teen/Drama

WATCH Audience FEEDBACK, 8min, USA, Comedy

WATCH Audience FEEDBACK, 27min, USA, Youth/Drama

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Interview with WILDsound Performer Geoff Mays

Matthew Toffolo recently chatted with Geoff Mays, longtime friend of WILDsound.

Matthew: You’ve performed at two separate events in the last year. Did you have an actor you particularily loved working with at the readings?

Geoff: Over the years I’ve met a lot of talented people. Each one brings their own unique skill set to the table. I’ve been lucky to work with such a variety of people. To your question their is no specific actor, in this moment, who comes to mind; however, with that said, their is a style of actor that I particularly enjoy working with. Those actors are the ones that come to the table ready to work, having done their homework, and made their choices – this is when the fun begins and magic happens.

Matthew: You first performed playing a Priest (or is he?) in a stageplay reading. Then went on to play over 20 roles in a Lewis & Clark feature script reading. What did you prefer – playing one character or the multiple characters?

Geoff: This is a good one. There is a lot of fun playing multiple characters, creating different voices, personalities etc. In the end though, when it comes to reading I prefer focussing on one character, finding a consistent through line and bringing that to life. Overall though, simply performing is best, multiple, singular, big, small it does not matter, let’s play and have fun.

Matthew: What has been your overall experience performing stage readings at the WILDsound Festival?

Geoff: WILDsound has been amazing. I’ve been with the festival for many years, and every aspect has taught me something. As an actor reading at an ongoing series like this has been so enriching due to the exposure it has given me to scripts and other actors. These two things are what help me to grow.

Matthew: How have you think you’ve grown as an actor since you began until present day?

Geoff: Today I am more insightful. I have a greater understanding of how storytelling works and what allows it to be powerful. Understanding this construction helps when it comes to making choices – more accurately, when I am challenged for where the character goes this story construction acts as a guideline to get my “juices” flowing again. This insight is one aspect of my growth. Another area, and there are many, that I feel should be highlighted is my ability to breath and relax in a role; as a younger actor, the act of being in front of people and the stress of performing well got in the way of the work itself.

Matthew: What artists would you love to work with?

Geoff: Cliche I know but I’d love to work with Johnny Depp. On less cliche notes – Egoyan, Streep, Karim Morgan, Dylan Roberts, Anthony Lemke, Adam Bailey, Clinton Walker, Aaron Poole and so many other talented talented people in Toronto.

Matthew: What is your favourite role that you’ve ever played?

Geoff: Jesse in Sundance. Bringing this character to life was a surreal experience in understanding some of the things that drive me as an actor.

Matthew: What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Geoff: Potentially the winner on that front would be Star Wars. Yup I said it, cheesy sci-fi; but really it is so much fun and such a great simple story.

Matthew: How old were you when you started getting interested in acting?

Geoff: At age 14 I knew I was going to pursue acting till the day I die. If you ask my mother, I was six when she knew that.

Matthew: Do you have other passions besides acting?

Geoff: I am a rock climber. I teach advanced skills in it, I work at a climbing gym, I vacation at climbing venues. I also very much enjoy coaching people for acting and communication and I really enjoy putting up my weekly Vlog – Thoughts from the Green Room. I do it for me; I hear that many people enjoy it too.

Matthew: You were at attendance at our February 2015 Film Festival. Did you have a favourite film from that selection of films?

Geoff: I cannot remember the title of the film right now, however, it starred Ryan Anning as an android assistant and it was a beautiful story of humanity (The film was “My Buddy”).

Matthew: Any suggestions to new actors starting out in the business?

Geoff: Do your homework, be a little crazy, and accept where you are – we can’t all be famous but we can all be stars.

DEADLINE TODAY: SHORT Screenplay Contest Festival SAVE $10

DEADLINE TODAY: SHORT Screenplay Contest Festival SAVE $10 – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at 2015 festival

– Get FULL FEEDBACK on your script. Winners get their script performed by professional actors at the Writing Festival!

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Watch Recent SHORT Screenplay Readings performed by professional actors at the festival:

February 2015 Reading
Written by Rachel Reaugh

January 2015 Reading
Written by Roberto Lezzi

December 2014 Reading
Written by Michael Sieve

November 2014 Reading
Written by Ana R. Dominick

November 2014 Reading
Written by Cat Stewart & Stephen Hoover

October 2014 Reading
Written by Fiona Smith

Deadline March 15th: SUBMIT your FEATURE Screenplay to the Writing Festival

Deadline March 15th: SUBMIT your FEATURE Screenplay – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

Watch WINNING Screenplay Readings – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors

READ 100s of testimonials from past submitters –

Watch Recent Winning Feature Screenplay Readings:

Feature Script – BESA
March 2015 Reading
Written by Michael Miceli

February 2015 Reading
Written by Verlynn Kneifl & Laurie Larsen

January 2015 Reading
Written by David M. Hyde

December 2014 Reading
Written by David Redstone

November 2014 Reading
Written by Elan Carlson

October 2014 Reading
Written by Kyle Jenkins

Interview with Michael Miceli, Feature Screenplay Winner (BESA)

WILDsound has a reputation for providing on-the-money professional feedback for each submission. I like to enter every project I do in WILDsound because it is a great barometer for comparing your work to what is hot in the industry.

– Michael Miceli, on the WILDsound experience (review)

    Watch the Winning Feature Script Reading of BESA


    NARRATOR – Sedina Fiati
    Gino – Peter Nelson
    Ilir – Roman Spera
    Uke – Jarrid Terrell
    Carmine Jr. – Robert Notman
    Valbona – Erynn Brook
    Valbona – Steve Rizzo

Matthew Toffolo interviews winning writer Michael Miceli:

Matthew: What is your screenplay about?

Besa is the story of a loyal Italian father, forced to defend his son who has inadvertently sparked a New York mob war between Sicilian and Albanian crime families.

Matthew: Why should this script be made into a movie?

Besa is based on the electrifying novel by Louis Romano, who did an incredible job of capturing the criminal world as it exists today. Our version of the mafia is a weak fossil of what has been depicted in films over the past forty years. The real power is in the fresh blood: Albanians and Russians.

Matthew: How long have you been writing stories?

I wrote my first script when I was in second grade. It was for puppet show I put on for my class about a very lucky dog. Before I could write, I used to draw stories, frame by frame, on a piece of paper and then pull the paper past a make shift projector I had made – which was a flashlight aimed through a toilet paper tube, shining onto my bedroom wall. So I guess you could say storytelling and “filmmaking” has been there since the beginning for me.

Matthew: What movie have you seen the most in your life?

I saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark” twice in the theatre when I was 4 years old. The moment that boulder came rolling , I was hooked.

Matthew: What artists would you love to work with?

Working or not, I’d love to be in the same room with Steven Spielberg for an hour with the hope that I’d catch whatever he has. E.T., Jaws, and Schindler’s List are three completely different genres and he mastered them all.

Matthew: How many stories/screenplays have you written?

I have written 13 feature film scripts. Most recently, “Beautiful Me”, a faith-based film being produced by Restoring Truth Media, and “Chimerism”, a medical thriller being produced by Girl On a Rocking Horse Productions. Both are going into production in 2015.

Matthew: Ideally, where would you like to be in 5 years?

On set, anywhere, bringing a script to the screen.

Matthew: Describe your process; do you have a set routine, method for writing?

Characters first. Once you’ve written everybody’s whole life from birth to the first page of your script, then you’re ready to begin the journey. From there, I don’t try to structure creativity. I write out of order, just tackling any scene as it grows out of my mind. The smoothing out comes in subsequent drafts.

Matthew: Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

I have three little kids that seem to be passionate about everything. So I am passionate about them being passionate about everything.

Matthew: Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Every writer should always remember the golden rule of screenwriting: simple story, complex characters. If you can do that, you’re more than half way there.