WHEN THE MOON SLEPT, Poetry by Akinkunmi Adewumi

Genre: Life, Society  WHEN THE MOON SLEPT by Akinkunmi Adewumi The moon slept, But we were awaken to Hunger, We groan and groan, We wrestle and wrestle, Our left hands on our aching stomachs Writhing in agony inflicted by Hunger. At the first cock crow, That Sleep already stole our night, One of us after… Continue reading  WHEN THE MOON SLEPT, Poetry by Akinkunmi Adewumi

Tomorrow, Poetry by Kim Wheeler

Genre: Rhyme, Life, Society Tomorrow by Kim Wheeler What happens when tomorrow never comes Do we cry for loss of purpose? Or do our tears tell the truth That without another tomorrow We shall be alone, once more Without love, hope or salvation And our path towards the light Fades into damnation As we fear… Continue reading Tomorrow, Poetry by Kim Wheeler