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2017 – Read the top STAGE PLAYS from around the world:

Read the best STAGE PLAY loglines and sumamries today: 

LUNCH ROOM, by Lisa Collins

MISSION OF LOVE, by Martha Cinader Mims

SWEET REVENGE, by Robert Greeley

MISSION OF LOVE, by Martha Cinader Mims

KILL THE KABUKI, by Jamahl Peavey

CONTRACT KILLERS, by Craig Pietrowiak

WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF, by Lisa Sniderman

PANDORA, by Lillian Nader

STAGE PLAY CONTEST – Deadline October 5th

I think I watched the whole video performance of my play with a smile on my face. I’ll have to watch it again to be more objective. DEAR ACTORS – thank you! I’m so thrilled with your performances, you don’t know how happy you have made me.
– Gina Surles, Playwright

WILDsound THEATRE Contest

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FULL FEEDBACK on your STAGE PLAY from our committee of Professional Play Writers, and Writing Consultants. Get your PLAY performed by professional actors at the festival.

SUBMIT your play now (both 1st act or full length accepted). To be eligible for our Writing Festival Events

WINNERS get their full stage play read by professional actors and showcased online for the world to see!

Watch Past Stage Play Performance Readings: