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Video Pitch for The Scientist 1 by Vienda Kuntjoro (Feature Film)

Title: The Scientist 1

Written by: Vienda Kuntjoro

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: The story is about knowledge invention.

Synopsis: This story is telling about new invention of new knowledge by a scientist. Nobody knows about this knowledge yet. It is in progress. The new knowledge created is called “Uuiverse”. This universe comes from every strongest heart value from all knowledge that exists in this world. This new knowledge creates by time cycles and knowledge cycle.

The team work hard to find this. They all work together and they finally can create a new knowledge. Universe is made for human beings who faces war, crises and any other bad things in this world. Universe can solve many problems and universe is the most powerful knowledge in this world. The result will bring prosperity to people.

At the end, when they finished this universe, they still looking for someone who fit to this kind of knowledge. They are still looking for someone who can fully implement this knowledge in the world. They haven t found her yet. They just can create the new knowledge for their invention.