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April 2016 TWITTER Short Story Winners

Deadline to Submit your Twitter Short Story to the festival.

Watch the 10 Winning Twitter Short Story Winners for April 2016

Narrator: Steve Rizzo.



THE BREAK UP by Gwen Winegar:

OUT OUT DAMNED by Marielena


LOST AT SEA by Denise Walker:

HER NAME IS WINTER by Hannah Gabrielle More

HALF TWIT by Nick Westerman

BOOGEY by Adam Martin

BEAUTIFUL by Jennifer Mackindayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZIHBTYd66Q

April 2016 Twitter Short Story Winners

Here are the 10 Twitter Short Story winners for April 2016.

They will now have their stories made into a video.

Submit your 140 Character Story for the May


Twitter Short Story by Abraca Debra

The sweet sound of nothing can be the loudest sound in the world, it echoes through my soul and makes me long for the noise it once knew.

Boogey by Adam Martin

Eric left the club & answered his phone. The bullet killed him, his body was collected & the area cleaned before Sarah hung up.

Lost at Sea by Denise Walker

She stood with her feet in the water and let the tide push and pull her. Smile forever gone, she longed for the sea to swallow her whole.

Love, Unaccomplished by Gemma Jones

She felt universes collide when they touched. He felt that too, but not with her.

The Break-Up by Gwen Winegar

Memories just haunt me, taunt me
Perfect pictures now protruding in places private
Your scent lingers
You are everywhere and yet nowhere

Her name is Winter by Hannah Gabrielle More

As Summer turned to Autumn and the leaves fell from the trees, she became distant. She became as cold as the brittle leaves beneath my feet.

Unknown Destination by JaVohn Perry

Cecilia walked down a deserted, cold and dark road wondering how she got there. Afraid, she trembled step by step to an unknown destination.

Beautiful by Jennifer Mackinday

You have a beautiful heart, he said
You have a beautiful soul, she said
We have a beautiful future, they said
And together, they did.

OUT, OUT DAMNED by Marielena

She ran breathless through the streets. Fog thickened. Steps plodded closer. She screamed when she saw him.
“Spot! Don’t run away again!”

Half Twit by Nick Westerman

You gave me 140 characters but I used just seventy – am I a half twit?