HORROR Movie Pitches. Read over 150 feature script horror film loglines

The Horror Film. No matter what you think of them, it is a powerful movie genre that makes a lot of money for the studios. It has a large fan base which seems to be getting more popular every year thanks in large part to the internet and countless blogs written about them. Other than perhaps Comic Book/Action movies, no other genre is talked about more online than the horror genre.

Recently, on my personal blog, I talked about this genre while promoting the Top 100 Horror Films of All-Time List:
Horror Movies. WILDsound’s Top 100 Best of All-Time

There is a large debate about how they impact people. Are they just harmless entertainment, or can they linger in a negative way in our dreams and subconscious? And is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed in terms of violence and abuse of women? Is some of it really just “torture porn?”

Either way, horror films are not going anywhere. And you can read over 150 pitches on horror films on our network:

At least 20 of those pitches will be made into a movie in the next 5 years and be at a theater near you sooner than later.

Here’s an example of a Horror Pitch:


Written by: Damian Light

Genre: Horror


LOGLINE: A man resurrects as a Jack O lantern in a small town hoping to reunite with his daughter, putting her social life in jeopardy.

WGA Registration Number: 1700341

Or, you can watch one of our many Logline Pitch Videos:

WILDsound has recently performed 9 horror stories at our festival. You can scroll through them and watch here:

There is a Holiday Special for Horror Films this week where you SAVE $15 if you submit this week. Get FULL FEEDBACK and your script performed at the festival by professional actors:

– Matthew Toffolo

By WILDsound Festival

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  1. Thanks so much for the follow! Looks like you’ve got lots of interesting and useful material on your site. I’m not much of one for horror, but understand that it’s a very popular genre – definitely worth thinking about.


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