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Written by: Don Unruh

Type: Feature Screenplay

Genre: Fantasy

Logline: Following a near-fatal accident, a world famous cycling champion begins to realize that she is living in an alternate reality, somewhere between Heaven and Earth.

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Fantasy Movies are defined as stories with fantastic themes and out of this world situations. They are plots and settings that are not reality, either in the world that the film take place, or the supernatural and magical events that take place on Earth. The genre is distinct from Sci-Fi films, but the genres tend to overlap a lot.

Fantasy films often have an element of escapism, magic, myth, wonder, and the extraordinary, which separates the genre from the rest.

In the history of movies, fantasy films really didn’t get going until the 1980s when film-making technology, plus the studios putting more money into their films, gave the genre a whole new shelf life. This was due to the audience interest in watching these types of movies, so the risk for the studios was warranted.

In the last 10 years, the most financially successful films (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates/Caribbean movies for example) have been fantasy movies. And the trend should continue into the next decade.

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– Matthew Toffolo, WILDsound

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