Deadline Dec 31st: SUBMIT your FEATURE Screenplay to the Writing Festival HOLIDAY SPECIAL (Save $15):

Deadline Dec 31st: SUBMIT your FEATURE Screenplay to the Writing Festival HOLIDAY SPECIAL (Save $15):

– Get FULL FEEDBACK on your script. Winners get their script performed by professional actors at the Writing Festival!

Watch WINNING Screenplay Readings – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors

READ 100s of testimonials for past submitters –

    WATCH the past feature screenplay winning videos:

Recent Feature Screenplay Submission Testimonials:

Thank you Wildsound! I heartily agree and genuinely appreciate the quality of feedback I’ve been getting lately.
– Tim, Light Films
Heroman, Feature Script

Thank you very much for your feedback. It is helpful and there are many suggestions I would like to study for my next rewrite. I appreciate the time it took to read and critique.
– Penny Frazier
Hockey Night In Cromdale, Feature Script

Thank you so much for your gracious feedback for CAHOOTS. I’ll reread my script with your helpful suggestions and will resubmit as soon as possible.
– Elan Carlson
Cahoots, Feature Script

Thank you for your feedback, as this was my first attempt at writing of any kind, I will go back and use your notes to make it better, thank you.
– George and Mike
The Glades, Feature Script

Great notes. Thanks!
– Jeffrey C. Sherman
Walk In, Feature Script

Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely submit a rewrite.
– Olaf Baumann
Serendipit Strikes Again, Feature Script

I was able to take a look back at my previous screenplays feedback, after taking the time out of not thinking about it, and I amazed by how straight forward the feedback was.
– Taonga Mayamiko
The Catalyst, Feature Script

Wow! I absolutely agree with everything in this. This is really great feed back. I always thought those first scenes, were not necessary, but I kept them in on a recommendation from a friend.
– Carl Phats
The Golden Parachute, Feature Script

Thank you so much for the great notes. I will include your notes in our rewrite and we will be resubmitting — and also submitting other projects as well.
– Chad Parsons
Ohio Finch, Feature Script

Points well taken, you must take the viewer or reader through these things as you go—thanks for the “awakening.”
– Barbara James
Machine Guns on the Menu, Feature Script

Thanks, guys. Coverage was spot-on. Really appreciate the comments and suggestions. I’m looking forward to implementing them into the rewrite.
– Ted Gurich
Wolfie, Feature Script

In a nutshell, as you’ve asked at the bottom of the email, I’m very satisfied with this feedback.
– Robert Popiel
Boxer World, Feature Script

By WILDsound Festival

Submitters reactions to their feedback on their stories. New testimonials coming each month! Watch this month's winning readings. At least 15 performances a month: Submit your script, story, poem, or film to the festival today:

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