Twitter (140 Characters) Short Story Contest Winners. Read all 25 winning stories

Enclosed are the 25 winners for our inaugural “very short story” festival contest.

All 25 winners will now have their stories made into a movie using a professional voice over artist:

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Title: Where is the ‘Good’ in ‘Goodbye’?

by W. T. Paterson

At the airport gate she kissed him, and she cried, and he said “I clogged your toilet,” and she cried some more.

Title: A New Home For You, Dear

by Ida Ayu Lestari

A woman in red gave a book to a little boy, before he’s gone missing. Later, the mother finds him inside a book in his room, with the woman.

Title: The gentle sunset

by B.W.Shearer

A palm tree small but tall
Against the deepening sky
Sits at the centre of
The gentle sunset of
Subtle pink and rusty red
Slowly diminishing around
The proud little tree

Title: END

by Serena Cairns

He thought it preferable to die than live through ‘we’ becoming ‘I’, and, wondering how it feels to fly, gave up his life with a soft sigh.

Title: LISA

by Robert Fleet

Lisa. Face to the sunset Lisa. She wouldn’t turn to see me leave. And I couldn’t see her crying. Time to go home to my own wife, not Stan’s.


Title: Ron

by Ron Riekki

Ron realized he’d make more money from the Tooth Fairy by stealing other people’s teeth
When he ran out of friends, he went to the graveyard

Title: My Life

by PJ Gourley

Alone I sat on the park bench. Pondering the future and remembering the past. What have I done with my life? Where do I go from here?

Title: Intrinsic Deeds

by John Parker

It didn’t matter to them that I had saved all of humanity, in the most painful way possible. All they saw was that I had killed my own son.

Title: Kevin the Loser

by Nicole Nelson

Kevin holds the sign “Welcome Genevieve.” A big eccentric woman runs toward him, but passes by he sighs with relief. He turns and sees her.

Title: Surprise

by Neha Malude

“No peeking, 2 more steps!”
“This surprise better be good.”
“It is,” she promised, removed the blindfold and nudged him off the cliff.

Title: Walk in Reading

by Navkirat Sodhi

Scared, I asked the lady in the forest, ‘Where does this path lead to?’ ‘Why should it matter’, said she, ‘it’s not as if you’re still alive’.

Title: Stop Crying Please

by Matthew Williams

I told her to stop crying, to please stop crying, then I snapped; she laid there in a pool of blood, she had stopped, but the crying hadn’t.


by Lionel Walfish

She would not lie in bed. She stood, some said for days on end.
She accepted a few floor cushions. And just before death , bed seemed reasonable.

Title: CREAM

by Kieren Knapp

Amy bought skin cream that promised to make her look 5 years younger. Sadly, her 4 year old son got his hands on it. We’re still looking.

Title: The Big One

by Kevin Wilton

Dying of cancer, I chose to do the one thing I’d always dreamed of, I’d drive as far around Australia as my disease will allow; my trouble is not the cancer—I can’t drive.

Title: To Boldly Go

by Jonny Kratzel

All previous expeditions had yielded no useful information and no survivors. People were growing suspicious of the Sun Exploration Program.

Title: Far From Home

by Jonathan Struhs

The rhythmic rocking of the covered wagon lulled Eliza to sleep. The doll, her only possession, fell aside the trail never to be seen again.

Title: Gratitude

by Jon Bastian

As the vet gave the second shot, the man held his dog close and said farewell with the last two words she would ever hear. “Thank you.”

Title: Kicking the Habit

by Jay Lyford

Third day, no cigarettes. Tom was happy with his progress. No side effects. Jim dropped by “ Hey how’s the quitting going”? Tom bit him.

Title: Goodbye

by Jason Daniels

I kissed her one last time and said goodbye. Her lips were cold now. I stood silent, holding our twins, who would never know their mother.

Title: Priorities

by Claudette J. Young

Fearful, she wept. Gently, he soothed. She confessed. He forgave. His daughter was again a little girl. Dented fenders meant nothing.

Title: Midnight Serenade

by Bobbi Carducci

Their wedding song played in her head as she danced on his grave, moonlight and shadow highlighting her bruises. “I warned you,” she sang.

Title: BE FREE

by Alex Decaneas

“Release me from these bonds of one thousand sorrows,” I boomed, “This injustice shall not endure!” Alas, Mom made me buckle my seat belt.


by Edwward Case

He had to go around the long way to the far side supermarket aisle because of the broken jar of pickles. There he met the klutz of his life.

Title: Gift Horse

by Tina LeCount Myers

The knife didn’t come out cleanly as she’d planned. Instead, it had stuck in place, leaving her engraved monogram deep in her lover’s chest.

By WILDsound Festival

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